Monday, July 23, 2012

The beginning

Foxes by Felipe Merida

Today was a pretty big day. I named my clog company and started the proceedings for trademarking (I can't announce the name until next week). In some ways I feel crazy doing this, being that I'm not even a shoe designer. But in other ways it feels like the most perfect thing for me to be doing with my life. I'm gonna be making clogs.

When I got home last week, I started looking for graphic designers and photographers and other professionals to build the website. But then yesterday I stopped and suddenly realized that that's not how I want to start my dream company. That I want this to be a continuation of the exploration I've experienced through the Creative Sabbatical, not a business-as-usual business. I want to use it as a platform to support and highlight my friends' creativity. To trade clogs for drawings, animations, films, and music (and pay them too of course). I want it to be a place of play for not just me, but for my incredible circle of friends and family.

When I started the Sabbatical, I gave myself some rules. So, I'm going to try my best to:

-Know all the makers personally and pay them a fair wage
-Be sustainable
-Hire your friends
-Don't try to be cool
-Make stuff that you're friends would want to wear
-Make stuff that lasts
-Make it fun

And I'm starting by hiring my incredibly talented friend Felipe Merida to design my logo.


  1. Hello! I work at the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at WU. I'm a recent printmaking grad and Georgia told me about your blog. It's very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!!!


  2. Thanks Kim!!!
    Give Georgia my love :)