Friday, July 13, 2012

Rom com day-dream

Another true confession: i love romantic comedies. I can't help myself. I know they are fluff, but they just make me happy, with their watered down girl-power themes and optimistic endings. I was taking to my mum the other night and she mentioned that my life sounded like a rom com these days. "City girl throws it all away and starts again in rural Minnesota" ("New In Town, 2009). Though its pretty clear that my mum is hoping for the imminent arrival of some rugged handsome farmer, I see her point. It is a little bit dreamy here.

Today I said goodbye to the lovely ladies at Sven shoes, who have been so welcoming and generous with me. I'm headed back on Sunday to the city and my "real" life, and I'm sad to go.

I'm also a little nervous about really moving out and getting more serious about being in Minnesota for a longer time. Can I really be a full-time country girl? And more importantly, who will play me in the movie version? I'm voting for Kate Winslet opposite Clive owen. Hot!

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