Sunday, July 8, 2012

Along for the ride

This morning I drove back to my cabin from Minneapolis. Rather than follow google maps directions, I decided to stick by the smaller roads and see some more of the country side. My route took me up hwy 85, along the St. Croix river. The country up here is pretty gorgeous, passing farmhouse after farmhouse, corn field after cornfield. I pumped the radio up and cranked the AC.

With no special place to be or schedule to keep, I made an effort to stop at scenic look outs, and take a break at the little towns along the way. I even found one antique mall that kept me busy for an hour of browsing.

Mostly it make me aware of how seldom we allow ourselves to just dilly dally and take the slow road. We seem to be in such a hurry to get to our destination that we forget the journey is actually the point.

For me, it's been a challenge to remember this with my sabbatical. I have a tendency to want to get to the goal, and not just enjoy the ride. So I'm trying to remember that. To treat each place like I might never be back. To talk to people. To visit places. To be inquisitive and open. And mostly to let life open up and take me along for the ride.

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