Monday, July 2, 2012

The New girl

Today was my first day at Sven. The Theisens dropped me off at the office like a nervous preteen on her first day of camp. I felt awkward and out of place, sick to my stomach and wanting to bail on the whole ridiculous idea. What the hell was I doing here anyway?

Marie, the owner and heart of the company welcomed me in, chatting away with total ease and confidence. In the workshop were just 4 girls, including Marie. They cut, sew, stretch and staple every pair themselves, one pair at a time. It's pretty incredible, and I'm hoping I'll have a chance to get behind one of the machines and make some stuff myself.

Marie is totally inspiring to me. She just really loves making. She's in there 6 days a week, til 7 or 8 every night because she's addicted to it. Though she's taught her girls the skills, she still spends most of her time behind the machines, not in front of a computer screen. I honestly never really knew you could be a success and stay being the crafts person like she has and it gives me hope for myself.

I'm also beginning to learn what Minnesota hospitality is, as Marie and her husband Jeff take me to dinner at Applebee's and offer to let me stay at there house to get away from the heat and a trip in Jeff's 2-seater airplane if we have time. So far, Minnesota rules, though to be honest I still feel like the new girl.

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