Friday, August 10, 2012


I've been holed-up in my apartment for the past week, doing nothing but photographing clogs, tweaking jpegs and messing with my website.  I can't believe it was only a month ago that I showed up in Minnesota, nervous and excited and ready to make some clogs. It seems impossible that so much has happened in that amount of time! Life seems to move fast when you're in the flow.

Next weekend, I'm throwing a big launch party in my backyard. I love preparing for parties, hanging lanterns, making food, mixing drinks. My sister is flying out here to join in the fun. She's been in St. Louis for a month finishing her first book, but now she's flying back to England.

The name of my company BRYR, which means 'to care' in Swedish and sounds like briar in English. I've always been drawn to brambles and blackberries, they remind me of when I was a kid in England.  When I was little I was obsessed with the idea of worlds where animals made cups of tea and had secret doorways in trees.

I thought I would leak one pair of clogs for you guys. These are the phoebe sandals :)

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  1. amazing progress! doesn't it take a lot of supplies to make the clogs? Did you have to invest a lot in new tools?