Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tiny big wide world

I was thinking last night about social media. When I got out of college the internet was just starting. We didn't have facebook, or blogging. For me, it felt really lonely to want to be an artist just out of school with no network, like I was making stuff in a void. I remember writing my friend in LA about what he was up to in studio. We talked about setting up some sort of long distance crit group just so we could get some feedback. I tried hard to find other people out there doing stuff I was doing, but it was a challenge.

A few years after that, I started a sewing school for girls my age (it was called Stitch House Studio). I printed flyers and put them up around the neighborhood in San Francisco. I built a little website and created a mailing list. I posted on craigslist. The classes were fun, usually about 10 girls in my basement studio space, learning to make an a-line skirt.

Now when I think of Etsy, and all the other blog spaces for people to find each other, it makes me so happy. I hope getting out of art school isn't nearly as scary as it used to be, that it's easier to find a space to discuss ideas and get feedback. It's so incredible to be able to make things and connect to other makers.

Here's today's Bryr leak. They are the Phoebe Boots. So far, my favorites:)
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