Friday, August 3, 2012

Life plan

Life plan
Last week, my friend Jennifer came over for dinner and drinks. We sat in the garden and finished off a couple bottles of pinot grigio between the two of us. As often happens with that much wine, we talked of future plans and far away places, and started dreaming big for each other.

We dreamed of houses in the hills of LA, lake-side farms in Minnesota, country retreats in the south of France and England, city apartments in Paris and Brooklyn, wintering in South America. We were drunk, so why not dream big? Our ideas were so genius, we decided we really needed to record them (We knew wouldn't remember them the next day). I erased my 'to do' list on the black board wall, and we free-flowed our ideas in chalk. It was excellent.

I suppose the reason I'm telling you about my drunken escapades is because I actually think it's pretty important to dream big like this every once and a while. To let yourself go with flights of fantasy, and see what you'd do if you dropped all your responsibilities. There's a snarky voice in our head that say, 'You can't do that' or 'You don't deserve that' or 'You're not that kind of person' or 'Do you think you're rich or something?'. But why the hell not? Why can't we all at least try to follow our dreams. Silly as they may be.


  1. I see a doodle of England. Yesssss!

  2. I Google alert the term Lifeplan as one of the Founders of the Lifeplan Institute. We help teens do exactly what you and Jennifer did - sans the Pinot Gri. Check out

    Fun post