Monday, August 20, 2012

Loved up

On Saturday night I threw a launch party for Bryr at my place in Brooklyn. I spent the better part of the week planning, shopping, cleaning, arranging, hanging lights and downloading recipes. My sister was flying back to England from St. Louis, and some how re-arranged her flight so she could stop over in NY for 3 days. So, we got to spend an awesome 3 days together in pre-party hyperwarp.

You know that panic feeling you get when you're throwing a party- that nobody's going to show up? But they did indeed show up. People flowed through the door, hugs and smiles all around. Mostly friends, but also some new faces. They came and put my clogs on, and drank very strong Manhattans.

As the evening wore on, and more ladies were trying clogs on, walking around, showing them off to their boyfriends, I got giddier and giddier. I just really truly love to see people in them.  It's not just the affirmation that goes with people liking something you've made (which is I think what makes design addictive). It's also seeing the thing you've made look honestly great on someone.

By the end of the night I was in such a loved-up state that I was hugging friends, crying, declaring my undying love. People, it was like I was on drugs.

Let's just say, it was a really good night.

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