Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Unplanned planning

Life is weird. When I started this thing, I made myself some rules of engagement:

-no paid work until September 1, 2012
-be open to the possibilities (check)
 -write every day (that one didn't really happen)
-make time for loved ones (check check check)
-stop buying crap (didn't really live up to this one)
-any of the above rules can be broken (see above)

So, what's strange is that September is creeping up on us, and I seem to have found myself naturally wanting to get back to work. I've been padding around the apartment, out of sorts and antsy. And then there it is, this business which feels like has birthed itself and is elbowing me to come along. I asked my sister yesterday whether starting a line sounded right for me. "Of course!" She laughed, "You've been going on about doing this your entire life!"

I don't think this means an end to the creative sabbatical, in fact, I'd like to try to keep living in the creative sabbatical for as long as I can.

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