Friday, June 1, 2012


Phoebe's great-great grand father, Benjamin Moore
When you're younger, I think it's easier to take your family tree for granted. There seems so many more exciting things out in the world to explore, and pondering your great grandfather doesn't sound that enticing. I've been staying with my uncle and aunt in England for a few days, digging through old family photos and hearing family stories. I'm here with my sister-in-law and brother, and their little girl Phoebe. My first niece connects all the dots for me, and puts me in a bit of a state of awe about the idea of generations and family

Like any family, there have been adventures, accomplishments and tragedies. I've learned that my great grandfather was a grocer's son, who somehow worked to becoming an accomplished Bio-Chemist. I try to imagine his life, and the strength and determination that he would have needed to leave his small town in Belfast and travel the world. And then I think of little Phoebe, who's other grandparents left Korea for a better life in the US. How amazing it is for these two worlds to come together in this little beautiful person.


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