Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Tommy and Jane, circa 1921
While I was in the UK, we visited my cousin and her family in Oxford.  My sister was explaining to our second-cousins-once-removed (who are 6 and 5) the family tree.. the web of our family which crosses generations and continents. It made me think of this photo that I found of our grandparents- the two people who connect us all. They were probably in their early 20's, it may have even been before they were married. They are so playful and bashful in this photo, like they don't quite know each other yet. I can almost see the blush on my granny's cheeks. My grandfather is so handsome and kind looking. It's impossible for me to look at this photo without seeing my sisters cheeks, my brother's forehead, my cousin's smile, my aunt's eyes, my mum's face.

They had no idea at the time who we would be or what we would do. They had no idea of the stories that would be told about them, the legends and the family lore. They probably couldn't imagine their grandchildren sitting around the dining room table, drinking wine and watching their own children play with each other.

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