Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clogs, cabins and canoes.

About 3 months ago, I rewarded my year of hard work by buying a beautiful new pair of clogs. Now, being a maker sort of person, I wondered where on earth these shoes were being made. It was obvious to me that they were being produced in the US, which is pretty unusual because there aren't too many shoe manufacturers left in the States. I went home, and patiently waited for my special one-of-a-kind clogs to arrive.

When they finally came, I noticed the inscription, "Made By Sven". Turns out Sven Clogs is a small scale clog manufacturer in Minnesota. It's owned by a woman called Marie Rivers, who's been making clogs for over 20 years by a small team of craftsmen (or craftswomen as it turns out). Basically, it's my dream company.

On a whim I wrote to Marie that night. I told her who I was, and how much I loved her shoes, respected her company philosophy, and politely inquired whether I could come an apprentice with her and learn how to make clogs.  Half and hour later, I was on the phone with Marie planning the trip. AMAZING!

So this Friday I'm off to Minnesota to learn the craft of clog-making. I'll be living in a little log cabin on a lake for 2 weeks, driving Marie's old Volvo, and hammering leather to my hearts content. For a nerd like me, this is a dream come true.

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