Friday, May 11, 2012

Wild horses

There's a tiny island in the middle of the sound, where the towns-people once lived. About 100 years ago, they moved to shore and left their population of horses to run wild. This morning Jenny and I took kayaks and paddled out to the island. We paddled along the water, and came to the inlet to the other side of the island. Feeling the sunshine on our shoulders and the water under us.


As we paddled along we caught up about our lives for the past year. We talked about the highs and lows, and how we had both been dealing with stress. The thought of stress felt so far away out their on the water, almost unimaginable.  As we came around the inlet corner, Jenny spotted the horses at the far end of the island. Quietly we approached, hoping now to spook them. But as we came upon them, we realized that they weren't really bothered by us. The munched away on roots and grass, swashing their tails. We joined them for lunch and ate our PB&J's. Finally, one started running and the rest galloped away.

It's amazing to me how any place can become normal, and that stress can leak into our lives. Sometimes we have to just adjust our focus and take another look.

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