Thursday, May 17, 2012

Going with the flow

Billie's pissed I'm leaving again.
I'm not very good at going with the flow. I'm a worrier, a planner, an organizer. I certainly not a free spirit. It's been really interesting to experience this unstructured time, and to push myself to be a bit more of a wanderer.

I set myself some goals at the beginning of this adventure:
-no paid work until September 1, 2012
-be open to the possibilities
-write every day
-make time for loved ones
-stop buying crap
-any of the above rules can be broken

The rules have been pretty helpful and freeing. Every time I feel like I'm being silly or irresponsible, I'm reminded that I'm actually following one of the goals. On Tuesday, I was talking to my sister and trying to find a time this summer to get out to England to visit with her (She teaches at a University in England). I was ho'ing and huming until finally I said, "Why don't I just come now! " then I immediately had a nervous flinch that I was being too irresponsible, so I clarified it by saying "Only if it's not too expensive of course..."  Fast forward 5 minutes and I'm pulling up a Travelocity reservation for this Saturday. And the most amazing part of it was that it is cheaper than all the flights I'd seen for the rest of the summer. Next thing you know, my brother and family are going to be visiting too, and before you know it, it's turned into a family road-trip across the west of England.   

Making time for loved ones; check and double check.

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