Thursday, May 10, 2012


On my way to N. Carolina.

I was at a party last night chatting to some friends, and mentioned that I'm traveling today to visit one of my best friends. My friend chuckled to himself about the description. I admit, the term does feels a bit 8th grade and makes me wonder if that descriptor seems a bit immature for a woman my age.

The name best friend does sound silly. (Sort of how boyfriend seems silly to describe a committed adult relationship) But how do you describe the female-female non-sexual relationship where you have a true lifetime bond? How do you describe the relationship that’s so strong that when it ends you feel like you’ve broken-up? (I have 2 ex-best friends, and it still makes my heart feel sad thinking about them).

Perhaps I should have said that I was visiting my female soul-mate? Or maybe I should have said I was visiting a friend who I knew before bras, my first kiss, sex, jobs, boyfriends, and responsibilities? Friend doesn’t really relate how important that person has been in my life.

I’m blessed to have had many best-friendships, and to still be forging them to this day. I see my girlfriends as my global posse, living as far away as England, Paris, California and Nepal.  These days they are concerned more with things like women’s right, environmental consciousness, grey hair and babies, than boys and grades. But the relationship is essentially the same; they’ve got my back, and I’ve got theirs.

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