Saturday, May 5, 2012

A little boasting...

Okay, I'm sorry, but today's post I'm going to boast a bit. There's some serious cosmic creative energy spewing out of my friends that I need to share. So, today rather than wax poetic, I'm just going to do a little shout out for all the super cool projects my dearest friends have been working on in 2012:

Sarah Graalman for writing and directing her first play, Destructo Snack.

Ryan Theisen for starting the non-profit, On my block films to increase creativity and community.

Jacob Rhodes and Keri Oldham, Field Projects Gallery and the successful launch of their Open Call.

Chip Brookes for writing and staring in his first pilot sizzle real, Rutherford State Park.

Dr. Camilla Schofield for her inspiring history project The First Generation.

Katie Shook and Eric Lindley for their puppet play, Star which they are performing in NY and LA this year.

Miranda Yap for your film, Daughters of a Curved Moon.

Persephone Pearl, Rachel Porter and Emily Laurens for starting Feral Theatre, and having something that started in the kitchen over tea become a creative movement.

Every one of these projects has been a labor of love, with no money or fame as the reward. Just following your passions and path.  I can't believe how lucky and blessed I am to have you all in my life and get to be inspired by your strength and creativity.

You are kick ass.

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