Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Our Picture-Perfect lives

Last week, Jacob and I were woken up at 5am to a terrible crashing. I thought the sky was falling down, but it turned out that it was just the shelves I had diligently put up a couple days before. There is was, all my hard work on the floor, drywall screws gaping out of the wall, and the need to start all over again when I'd already put the tools away.

I'm posting the the fallen shelves as a reminder to all of us that not all projects (or lives) are as perfect as they seem online.  I read in an article somewhere that scientists have found a link between depression and time spent on facebook.  So many of us live with a public self, on facebook, on blogs, or even at work. We project our best selves, the one we wish we could be. Our facebook profile is a lot like living rooms in the Midwest- perfectly arranged but not quite true. Our lives look like they are one awesome get-together, the picture perfect family, or a glamorous life of travel. Most people don't post, "On my honey moon and have diarrhea."

How easy it is to feel like everyone else's life is picture perfect, but we still have to take out the trash.

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