Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Brain muscle

I had a breakthrough today in studio. I've been making many tiny little bowls for the past couple weeks, but today I decided to make a couple larger mugs. As I started making the mug, I realized something had changed... I'd made a big jump in my progress. I eased through every step, feeling a fluidity and confidence in my movements. My hands had finally caught up to my brain, or vice versa. I'm not sure which is in control.

Biologists call this the Neuromuscular Junction, the connection between our brains (neurons) and our bodies (muscle function). Ask any athlete, dancer, sculptor, painter or potter about the mind-body connection and they'll tell you that our body have their own intelligence. I think this sort of intelligence is so interesting because we don't fully control it or understand it. Repetition helps in gaining physically intelligence, but there are also points when we have massive leaps of understanding, where things seem to suddenly click.

The past couple weeks I've felt like my brain has woken up from a slumber.  I've been doing a lot of things recommended by Neurobics, like traveling, learning new skills, trying new activities, talking to new people. It's a funny name for a smart idea... that we need to work out our brains. From changing our route to work, to changing the hand we brush our teeth with, we actually grown our brain and keep it healthy in old age.

Sometimes you need to give your brain a work out.

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