Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think.

Last night I went to see a few friends play in a band at The Cake Shop. The Mixer matched some poetry readings with couple bands. I was sitting at the bar alone, drinking read wine and eaves dropping on the girls next to me. They were talking loudly in vocal fry and I was picking up words like Sarah Lawrence and Right?

I was feeling judgemental.

My friends showed up, looking harried and stressed, wondering where amongst the sea of co-ed poets they were supposed to play. The sound guy hadn't been seen.

We went downstairs, and I found myself a comfortable seat, with a view of the stage. The first poet started and I strained to listen (Sound-guy: still MIA). By this time, I'm two merlots in, and feeling a bit more comfortable in my surroundings. The poets poeted in their usual cadence that's lets us all know it's poetry. Then slowly, about 3 poems in, it dawned to me that this is the last time you get to do this.

However good or bad the poetry is. However cheap the red wine is. However awkward you feel going to a bar on your own. This is the last time you get to do this, so enjoy.

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