Saturday, January 19, 2013

Blood and Salt

For me, salt is a serious business. I grew up in Essex, where they've been harvesting salt from the marshes for about 1000 years. I'm so evangelical about it, that I've been known to corner friends at dinner and have them blind-taste-test regular table salt against Maldon Salt. They dip their finger into the crusty white flakes, place it on the tongue, and their eyes widen. This is what salt should taste like.

It's hard not to eat it straight out of the box.

So, the other night I was home watching this super nerdy British history series on Netflx about the history of the British monarchy. I was really getting into it, learning about Saxons, Vikings invasions and all that good stuff. They got to about 991 AD, when apparently there was this incredibly bloody battle between the Saxons and the invading Viking Danes called the Battle of Maldon. The crusty old presenter is talking about all this blood being spilled in the causeway between the marshes, and I can't help but wonder... 1000 years later, are we tasting their blood?

It's probably not at all possible, but I honesty love the idea of this. That sprinkled over my soup today are DNA particles of my viking ancestors. Because, whether or not it's true, it is true. We are all part dinosaur, part asteroid, part star, part giant sea turtle. Nothing is made from nothing.

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  1. I'm completely smitten by your clogs. Just found them via.. lotta jansdotter. Because she posted how excited she was to be wearing her new pair to teach at the first ever modern quilters conf in Austin. So then I dug a little deeper. I just moved to mn. But I know about the clog place. West. How smart they are to be working with you. I too have ducked out of the corporate mayhem.. The meetings that go nowhere, the 32 levels of decision making that water down the very idea.. The keeping up with keeping up. And.. I cannot possibly live without Maldon sea salt. Or Plugra butter. I worked at l'escargot in London in the 80's. they always served morcombe bay potted shrimp. And summer pud. & good salt. Thanks for taking your adventure & sharing. Helps those of us who are working towards same.