Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 1: Just don't look down.

The beginning of any project can a intimidating. When I was a designer, I had a similar terrified gut feeling at the beginning of ever season (The voice usually said something like, 'Shit, I have nothing left to give!'), and I'd handle it by doing a big clean up.  Physically tidying and ordering the space gave my brain time to wander. I'd find ideas I'd forgotten about or samples I'd saved for later. It's like in movies when the hero tells the love interest not to look down as they crossing a giant gorge on a rope ladder, to just keep moving forward. It's just like that, except you're the hero and you've got to tell it to yourself.

This week the steps are comfortably mundane.... going to the DMV, getting my car registered, applying for unemployment, signing up for New York Cares, and the all important, mapping out how our new household budget is going to work.

Just don't look down.

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