Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In our own back yard

Last night, I met up with my old team for a farewell drinks, and I have to tell you I love and respect those ladies so much. They are such a smart, funny, and creative group of people who I feel really blessed to have gotten to know. In my life, I spent a lot of time being the little sister, but with this team I eased into the position of being big sister. In Korea (where I often traveled for work) they use the word "언니", pronounced awn-nee to describe this relationship. Awn-nee is a term of love, respect and sisterhood. I think that sisterhood is something we could use more of and spend more time cultivating in our culture, and I'm happy to have found it with that great group of women.

One of the real blessings of working with my team was getting to know women in so many different age groups, spanning from their 60's to just out of college. I feel really humbled to be in a position to help younger women navigate their careers and choices, and to be there as a mentor to them. Last night, some of the girls were talking about how they wished the could do what I was doing, but that they weren't in a financial position yet. I suppose what I wish for this blog is to show how you can re-direct and re-focus your life without running away from things. This isn't Eat, Pray, Love, and you don't have to travel to India or Italy to discover what your values are. We can do it in our own back  yard.

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